I’ve posted before about the spot-on-ness of Ira Glass’ advice about storytelling. I’ve also posted about a rather splendid animation of the most import bit of that advice.

Well here’s another, equally splendid animation of that key bit of advice. Let’s face it good advice bears repeating, great advice requires it, and when the advice is presented so beautifully it should be hardwired into people’s eyeballs. Seriously, this a lovely piece of film.

(Not really) Short version of the above: If your starting out and you keep banging your head against the fact that your creative work is not anything like as good as the stuff you like, it’s just you have great taste and need to do a ton of work to bridge the gap between where you are and where you want to be.

Me? I’m still working to bridge the gap between what I produce and my ambition for my work but I can say that with every page I’m failing better.

Now, go write something.