The idea for this post comes from Jessica Patient by way of Suzanne Joinson who have both posted the ingredients for their own current works-in-progress, a short story and a novel respectively. Inspired by their own excellent insights into the writing process, here is my own. With my MA novel currently on sabbatical while I plow through this term’s Contemporary Novels II course reading list, my current WIP is a short story composed/cobbled together from the following inspirations and elements:

  • Highcliffe in Dorset:

  • Coastal erosion and the defences put in place to combat it

  • The best setting descriptions from an old story of my own set there that never quite worked well enough for me, pulled out and repurposed:

  • Dramatic coastal cliff-slides:

  • Fossilised gastropods:

  • A cliff-top car park:

  • An amateur fossil hunter:

  • Frontotemporal degeneration

  • & finally, this latest, epic track from Villagers, The Waves:

Anyone else care to share the bits and bobs that make up their current WIP?