My youngest son (not yet six) wrote his first story this week for his half-term homework, completing a story from a prompt sheet given to him by his teacher. He dictated the story to me and then wrote it out in his neatest handwriting. At present he has three notebooks of his own, one with a cloth monkey on, a Lego Moleskine and a Mickey Mouse in sunglasses pulling funny faces one.

He says he likes to write stories everyday because he loves them. I have a feeling that give him a few years and he’ll be giving me a run for my money. For now it is just a real pleasure to see him making up stuff and writing it down.

Here’s the story in all it’s glory, click on the pic for a bigger view:

In case you have trouble reading his handwriting, here’s the typed text of what he told me:

(It creaked open) to reveal a dark room. Kim and Jodie ran in and a skeleton jumped at them. A dark knight grabbed the skeleton and cut his head off to save the girls. The knight helped Kim and Jodie find their way out of the cave. He gave them each a gold coin to remember their adventure.

My bigger son (almost ten) has started a long short story or a short novella depending on when you ask him. It’s a high concept, fast action spy thriller with gadgets galore. (Can you tell he’s getting into James Bond?) He is busy writing it in his A4 notebook as I type this. As soon as he gets round to typing up an episode or two I’ll start posting his masterpiece here as a serial.

Can you tell I’m feeling a bit proud of my lads right now?