Will post something a little more substantial about my experience at The Hurst soon. For now, here is my week in pictures.

I lived here:

The Clock House

Which is just down the path from where some of the others lived:

The Hurst, The John Osbourne Arvon Centre

I wrote here:

My writing desk at The Hurst

I cooked here:

The kitchen at The Hurst

I made the one on the left:

My first risotto

I could see this from my window:

The Shropshire countryside

I was tutored by these guys:

Nicholas Royle

Gregory Norminton

I drove this road home:

A stretch of French motorway.

You can see more photos of The Hurst over on Arvon’s flickr, including the dining room where much good food was consumed and The Ted Hughes room (The Hughsie) where we spent our evenings listening to great author readings, playing silly games, or reading our own work to each other.

As the pictures show, The Hurst is a fantastic place to live and write. I’m already looking forward to my next visit.