Had a pretty stellar start to this week, which is doubly nice as this time yesterday I had a bad case of Monday blues; a come down only to be expected after spending a week devoted to writing at an Arvon centre. The following things have made the first day or two of my week a little bit wonderful:

Yesterday I shared a story from Caroline Smailes & Nik Perring’s new collection Freaks! My print copy arrived in yesterday’s post too. It’s a beautiful little book, bursting with Darren Craske’s comic book art. I posted the story Invisible here, along with Darren’s rather brilliant illustration.

The Best British Short Stories 2012 was published at the beginning of this week. Not had a copy in my grubby mitts yet but hopefully soon. My local library will be buying in a copy though and are asking their reading group about my doing a reading and/or some kind of writing workshop for them. Which sounds both brilliant and a little nerve-wracking.

Thirdly, my story ‘Peekaboo’ has been accepted for the imminent National Flash Fiction Day anthology Jawbreakers. Really pleased about this as ‘Peekaboo’ is, to me at least, a very special little story. It’s great to find it stuck a chord with the anthology editors Valerie O’Riordan and Calum Kerr. It’s even greater to be included in a collection alongside so many of my favourite authors – check out the full list of included stories and authors here. Between this and The Best British Short Stories publication I really cannot believe my stories are rubbing shoulders with work by so many of my favourite writers. Very exciting.

As you can imagine, all of this has me feeling rather chipper. Anything about the start of your week that has put a spring in your step?