A quick post with some bits of news and picking up a few things I have been a little tardy with.

First off, by way of explaining my slackness with certain things, at the end of May I was busy putting together my application for Manchester Metropolitan University’s MA in Creative writing before we headed off north into Denmark and spent a week waking to this view from our front room,

and evenings winding down to this one,

while filling the days with playing at Legoland,

really digging a day out at Danfoss Universe

flying a kite,

and, off course, chilling on the beach.

Since arriving home I’ve been busy completing my latest short story which somehow has doubled in size between draft one and two. I may have to cut the beast a bit on the way to draft three but it certainly feels like this one is going to be a big one.

I also heard last week that my application to the MMU MA in Creative writing has been accepted. Proper excited about getting stuck into it. Already have the reading list and outline for the three years of part time distance learning involved and am making a start on the reading as I have a couple of the books on my shelf already that I now have a really good reason to get round to reading.

As for the first half of this week, I’ve been super busy with appointments and baby check-ups and the like, while trying to get a working first draft for a Machine of Death 2 story.

All of which explains why I am so late posting the winners of my Short Story Month collection giveaway. I am pleased to announce, however belatedly, that the winners, drawn from my Gears of War beanie by son one and son two respectively, are Jessica for the copy of Not So Perfect and Downith for the copy of From Dark Places. I’ll be getting in touch for addresses to send the books to asap. No seriously. Very soon. I promise. Or if you’re Jessica or Downith and reading this now, email/twitter dm me the addresses. Email is on my ‘About’ page.