One of my favourite folders on my RSS reader has to be the one I labelled photoblogs. It contains exactly what it says on the tin…er….folder, a selection of blogs that focus on posting photos. What follows, in alphabetical order, is Part Une of my favourite book related photoblogs:

Awful Library Books

A blog by librarians all about books that they find sculling around the shelves that really need culling. This blog provides great insights into what was acceptable reading material decades ago, as well as showcasing some hilariously dated volumes. No really, truly hilarious. Not to mention the downright weird:

Better Book Titles

This recent addition to my photoblog reading list is a beautifully simple idea. Take a classic book. Photoshop on a better title. Voila. For example:

Book Cover Archive

A superb collection of book covers both classic and contemporary. One of the neatest features of this site is the ability to randomise the covers on the front page. Hitting the button throws up some really cool displays of great book design. If, like me, you are a bit of book cover geek you’ll spend ages hitting that button and checking out the results before taking a screenshot and making your own unique desktop wallpaper. See, I can waste time on the internet with the best of them.

Book Design Review

While not a currently active blog, The Book Design Review ran for five years and provided a brilliant, regularly updated look at the best in book cover design. I still trawl through the archive from time to time. It’s that good.

Part Deux will follow soon. In the meantime feel free to big up your favourite book related photoblog in the comments.