Yesterday was filled with lots of cool stuff for me; playing in the snow with my boys, sharing a glühwein and bratwurst with my excellent German neighbours, cuddling my baby girl while the family Powell watched a Christmas movie. In addition to all this awesomeness, I spent part of Saturday proofreading my contribution to The Metazen Christmas Charity E-book 2010. It will be no secret to regular readers of this blog that I am a big fan of Metazen and I am very happy to have my story ‘The Last Year of Father Christmas’ included in this year’s fundraising Christmas collection.

Here’s the details from the mouths of the editors themselves:

‘Last year we raised a few hundred dollars at Christmas time.

Metazen asked authors to contribute Christmas-ish stories/ poems for an E-Book.

Metazen asked people to donate for a chance to read the E-Book on Christmas Day.

All of the donations were given to an orphanage in Cambodia.

This year we are doing the same.’

The ebook will be available on Christmas Day. Apparently the cover will be something special so I’ll post a pic as soon as possible. I hope you’ll download a copy and support a worthy cause. For your trouble, you’ll get a collection of some of the bestest/strangest Christmas fiction avaliable.

Image from Metazen.