Following last week’s post about eBook covers and the discussion that followed, I had a hankering to post up the typographic covers that I think match or, in most cases, better any cover for the same book using images. I haven’t read all of these, but they are books that would get my attention in a bookshop or on Amazon/iBooks.

Great use of the Party slogan as a cover. Only an iconic book like 1984 could pull this off. Just fabulous use of the powerful phrase.

Okay, it’s technically a photo, but it’s a photo of a book with a mostly typographic cover. I love how the angle makes the book resemble a tomb.

Technically this is artwork, but it is basically letters. Looks bloody great as well.

These two covers of In Cold Blood are simple and powerful in equal measure.

How brilliant is that. Just the title and author set against a yellow background, yet the typesetting makes this so evocative.

Another simply brilliant design. I love the dot of the i off on it’s own.

The oil slick falling down the cover hits all the right notes. Like a bullet hole in the world.

Great cover. I only wish the publishers had the balls to just put the word.

Powerful, stark and eyecatching

Yellow covers do grab the eye. Just putting the title on this makes me want to pick it up and check it out. In a book shop this would be irresistable.

More bullet holes. Can’t argue with the fact they work.

Love the way the typesetting reflects the title in such a striking and simple way.


How great is this? Really great. The random path that highlights the word by trailing across the cover is a fab touch.

Brilliant presentation that fits the title wonderfully.

And a fitting one to finish on considering the origin of this post. Love the angle of this, like sneaking a view of someone else’s computer screen.

If you have a favourite typographic book cover, leave a link in the comments.

Covers found via the sorely missed Book Design Review.