Today sees the release on Smashwords of Best of Friday Flash – Volume One; a collection of the best flash fiction shared via the #fridayflash tag on twitter in its first year. As someone who has contributed to and read #fridayflash since its beginnings, it’s great to see this released. It features many wonderful emerging authors and even includes a piece by yours truly.

In the words of Jon Strother, editor and mastermind behind the whole #fridayflash movement:

‘The Best of Friday Flash is a true representation of the #fridayflash meme. It contains sixty-seven stories, running the gamut from historical to literary, from humor to horror, from science fiction to slice of life — and everything in between. The stories are edited to local English standards, to reflect the global nature of Friday Flash. You’ll see names you are very familiar with, and names of a few folks who have, alas, fallen away. But most of all, you’ll see some terrific fiction, in just the right bite-sized chunks to enjoy during lunch break at work, or on the commute home.’ 

If you have further questions concerning #fridayflash, check out Jon Strother’s excellent, ‘What is #fridayflash? page.