Victory on Earth Day

Praise Wisdom.

I/We stand, my Conglomerates and my sentience, on the final arc of our war with planet designate Earth. I/We observed this hive of humanity across both space and time, watched what they were, what they are and what they will become unfold across focused oneirospheres. Where prior learning undertaken through the Martial Conglom had found humanity to be barbaric, witless race capable only of developing their culture into a horde that would spread it’s contagion into the stars, it took our multi-facet Conglom of Librarians to truly plumb their depths. Pride boils my breast not a little that it was my Caste and Conglom who discerned the true nature of these human beings. So long have I spent with my brain in their books that I discover their idioms invading my thoughts. This process of synaptic restructuring is not displeasant.

The Parliament of Twelve decreed a steely response, though not one the Martial Conglom wished for. The final arc of this war bends toward their rest, yet the Martials argue still that this war we wage is unlawful, denying them as we do the killing blow, yet the matter is stone. Humanity has responded as I/We observed it would through our readings. They have rallied against our alien threat behind not nations but planethood, finally recognizing they are one world, one sentience. Our scans reveal the array of races taking arms against us, in heavenships they fly at us from orbital stations decorating the atmos-sphere, in vast infantries upon the planet surface they march upon the Martial Conglom fortlets, all humanity’s creeds and colors standing shoulder to shoulder.

Our Glorious Unity of Congloms is fortunate only a fractional show of force is necessary to make humanity believe I/We are serious in our intent of invasion. The Martial Conglom struggles with the need for its units to play dead, that such child’s play is lacking honor but the Parliament of Twelve monitors war records closely and ensures Martial complicity in the deception. While the Martials rage against their role in this, even They/We have to begrudge yet admit the humans fight bravely. ‘Their resistance through actual warfare with us would mean zero,’ they say, ‘but these humans fight with stone eyes.’ Tall praise indeed.

The joke of this matter, this Whole World War as the human’s are calling it, is that humanity had within its own pages the thoughts required to make the leap to planethood. The drums of war reverberate through the digital code of the human historical archives I/We streamed from the planet’s primitive data centers. They truly failed to grasp mankind as single unit. They waged wars against themselves. In an individual such action would be denounced as suicide. This system’s star falling under our jurisprudence it became necessary for Our Glorious Unity of Congloms to lead this planet to understanding, before they corpse themselves or leave this planet and corpse others.

Across the Fleeting Wave, I/We await the thoughtflow that will call our retreat. The process has to be staged in properness or humanity will misunderstand the lesson this roleplaytime intends. In Unified regret we end the projected number of the fleshy frames that huddle to make the humanity, the digits generated/audited to scar their global subconscious into the correct shapes. Their victory will mean more through what is lost. And they will victor us. We have given them the weapon to win the war, technics left in a captured fortlet given to them.

I/We survey the battles through the oneirospheres consciousness feeds. I/We applaud as the logic bomb is fired. To the humanity a simple explosion scuttles our prime Bayship sending it crashing into the majority water surface of the planet. There it will spear into the seabed, its tail piercing out of the waves, a symbol of their sacrifice and strength. I/We stressed the importance of signs and wonders to their still evolving brains when translating the findings from human history. Humanity see the explosive distraction of the Bayship, while the logic bomb does the real work of shifting humanity’s woefully underdeveloped global subconscious. In this way, my Conglomerates and my sentience, I/We graft the ideas cultured from their historical records directly under their higher functions.

The logic bomb ideas suffuse the planet. White and ghostlike when viewed in the oneirospheres, they whisper to every living human animal the truth that must be learned from this experience. Their outdated ideal of nationalism cannot survive in the face of this war to end all wars. Traditional nationalism cannot survive in the face of Our Glorious Unity. One world or none. One world or none. One world or none whispered and whispered and whispered a billion times and a billion times again and a billion times again.

I/We leave this world as the whispers become the humanity’s cry. They raise the sky with the call to reformat their worldview and worldhood and all that entails. I/We cloak ourselves in our dark corner of the universe and watch and wait for the humanity to rebuild and code themselves into creatures who can see all wars as civil wars. All sentients as brothers.

I/We weep for the loss on both sides of this confliction with the humanity. When next I/We see humanity in proximity it will be to welcome them to the universe as brothers. They will come to our flung far corner of space and time having nurtured the logic bomb philosophy until it encompasses even the alien. They will not know us in our honest forms and I/We will spin tales of how these adversaries, whose image we created for them to fight so they might learn, destroyed themselves in their aggression. Humanity will never know that such would have been their end had we not fought with them. Fought for them.

Praise Wisdom.

This piece was written to the guidelines for the Absolute XPress Flash Fiction Challenge #4:

We want you to write from the point of view of a sentient, intelligent life form (no earth-based animals please (pets, birds, fish, etc.)). Perhaps they have been impacted by humanity, or visa versa. Or maybe they’ve been watching us from a distance. The big thing is that who ever these beings are, they have an insight into what it means to be human. This perspective is the key thing to highlight in your stories. It doesn’t have to be profound but these inhuman persons should notice something about what makes humanity human.

While I wasn’t successful in placing my story in the now released anthology, #fridayflash regulars Tony Noland and Chris Chartrand were. The details of the anthology and links to the book on Smashwords can be found here.