My story ‘Breaking Distance’ is the front page story at The Front View. I have a soft spot for this story as it is one of the first I wrote as part of my Creative Writing Diploma with the OU.

Stories tend to spring into my brain in different ways, perhaps prompted by a line from a song, observing something in the world around me, or perhaps from a picture or piece of art. ‘Breaking Distance’ was unusual, as it was the first story I wrote that came ending first. The closing image in the story was the starting point for me, appearing in my head fully formed. The job of writing the story then became working out how my character arrived at this point. I have a real soft spot for my main character, Lucy, and am really pleased to have found a home for her story.

You can read ‘Breaking Distance’ at The Front View now. It will also appear in the July print edition of The View From Here along with the other recent fiction and poetry from The Front View and The Rear View. Be sure to check out the other great fiction on the site.

In other news, baby seems to be getting ready. Contractions have started so I better get off this keyboard and get stuff ready for the hospital run later today. Wish us luck. The next post I make should be baby pictures.