Sorry for the lack of posts recently. Things are hotting up here, what with the imminent arrival of our new baby girl. The last week or so has been full of scans and midwife appointments, not to mention my taking Sooz out for lunch as often as possible to make the most of the last few maternity leave days before the birth. Due date is next Tuesday so if things stay quiet round here early next week you know that the little lady is finally making her entrance.

In other news, a 100 Stories for Haiti event is being held tonight in Brighton in the UK, with many of the UK authors featured in the book appearing to read their own and other stories in the collection. I am told my story ‘Impact’ will be read out, which is very exciting. I just wish I could be there, but the above mentioned baby means taking a flight back to the UK is impossible right now. All the best to those attending, here’s hoping the event raises the profile of the book and helps raise even more money for the Red Cross relief effort in Haiti.

This week also saw the release of the first 100 Stories for Haiti podcast.

Greg McQueen talks about how the idea for 100 Stories for Haiti first started. He also interviews Lorraine Mace, one of the volunteer editors on the project, and co-author of The Writer’s ABC Checklist — a book described by best-selling author, Simon Whaley: “It’s like having a professional writer who knows all the answers, right by your side.” Greg interviewed me a week or two ago for the upcoming second episode, so look out for that soon.

One last cool thing: sometime in the next week my story ‘Breaking Distance’ will be published at The Front View. The story will also feature in the July print edition of The View From Here. The Front View/The View From Here is a site/print journal that publishes some great stories, so to be featured on the site and included in the print edition is a major buzz for me. Please pop over there and check it out once its up, and be sure to check out the other great short fiction while you’re there.