Fourteen excellent slices of flash fiction on #fridayflash this week. Be sure to click through to read and comment on the offerings listed below.

Cluster, by Dan Powell. Follow @danpowfiction and the rest on Twitter.

Desert Island Records, by Ryan Bradford, @arebradford

Dinner Party, by Pippa Hennessy, @battypip

Errant, by Laura Eno, @laruaeno

Grace Note, by Jen Tropy, @jentropy

Infused Purple, by Craig Daniels, @washthebowl

Isolde, by anniegirl1138, @anniegirl1138

Less Than Nothing, by Jeff Posey, @AnasaziStories

Lucy, by J.M Strother, @jmstro

On Reflection, by Kevin J. Mackey, @kevinjmackey

Picture Perfect, by Stephen Book, @StephenBook

The Crazy Mixed Up Day of Bob and Tony, by Chris Chartrand, @ChrisChartrand

The Eaters, by skrblr, @skrblr

Uncle’s Ukulele, by E. D. Johnson, @edgedyrksec

Look out for more flash fiction next week by searching the #fridayflash tag over on twitter.