Here’s a quick round-up of the responses to the Fourth Fiction Dare 2. Contestant responses come at the top the list, then those of the followers of the literary reality show.

Dare 2: Tweet a story that involves an act of cannibalism

NORA: The black widow stared bleakly at the mangled remains of her husband. It was not the trial separation she had envisioned.

FIDO: the louse ate the cat, the mouse ate the louse, the cat ate the mouse, so the cat ate the cat

COCO: Vadim had a job. He sent pretty girls to Europe. Thats how he got so fat.

RHAE: The white senators surrounding Sotomayor tucked in their napkins and smacked their lips. Dark meat was a rare treat for them.

ISIS: “Devour me, Vishnu!” cried Arjuna. “You are within me. Now take me within You!”

IGOR: Bernd answered Armin’s ad. Armin cut off Bernd’s penis. Bernd found it “chewy”. They sauteed it. Armin is now vegetarian.

OLAF: As she embraced him before he set out, she nibbled on his ear. Goodbyes were always so painful.

OMAR: The zombie sank its rotting teeth in and tore off a hunk. The victim spun around: “Idiot! I’m a zombie too!”

UTAH: Stranded in the Arctic, he killed himself so she wouldn’t starve. “I ate you,” she sobbed over his gleaming bones. “I ate your guts.”

TESS: After sex, she bit into his head. “Relax, I’m Praying for you, Mantis,” she said. That calmed him. He had faith.

TUCK: After sex, she married him.

@danpowfiction: Green Jelly Baby nibbled on his neighbours. They screamed. He chomped. But trapped in the packet there was nowhere to run.

@benjaminsolah: Jobless and broke; his child died starving in their tent under the overpass. “Thin, but there’s a little bit of meat.”

@Djemal: He started 2 bite the skin around his nails when told his leg was not going 2 grow back `what a pathetic worm I am` he thought

@speakez_stl: Dinner tonight? But the cupboard was bare. Only fava beans, and big amarone. Then the doctor’s doorbell rang – a census taker.

@AnnasBones: The others watched obligingly as he placed raw human flesh into the mouths of children. Its taste was boring; but so was Mass