Have you ever started a job and woefully underestimated the time it will take to do it right? The last three weeks I have been redrafting an entry for the Bridport Short Story Prize. I had the whole thing planned, the first draft completed and was ready for the rewrite. A few full drafts and a copy/line edit I reckoned. Eleven major rewrites later and my comfortable margin between completion and deadline shrank. I ended up posting the story via the online entries process about three hours before the midnight GMT deadline.
I’m feeling a little fazed after focusing for so long on one story, a claustrophobic tale at that, set largely in a Ford Mondeo. Spending that much time with those intense characters has actually left me happy to send them on their way. The wordle I generated from the text of the story should give you some idea of what the inside of my brain looks like now. 

Looking forward to focusing on an altogether more light-hearted tale called On the Shelf. I think I need some more wholesome characters and action to flush out the grimness. Anyone else find themselves glad to see the back of a story or characters once the drafting is done?

Thanks to battypip for exposing me to the world of wordle.