As a bit of a typeface geek, the release of a new Helvetica for today’s devices is something I had to note here.

From the press release:

‘Every letter, number, punctuation mark and symbol in the family—nearly 40,000 in all—has been redrawn, analyzed and tested for improved legibility and performance. The result is a better reading experience, as the design’s improved forms and more even spacing mean clearer communication.

“This is the typeface Max Miedinger and Eduard Hoffmann would have designed back in 1957 if they had known about offset printing, small screens, browsers, digital design tools and UI designers.” – Erik Spiekermann, founder and partner, Edenspiekermann.’



‘Helvetica Now for everyone, everywhere and everything.’

Seems they missed a trick not getting Arcade Fire to provide a soundtrack, but that might have generated enough concentrated hipster (119 Hp, for those of you looking for it on the periodic table) to cause the internet to collapse under its own gravity, sucking all life and light with it.