Happy New Year everyone. And apologies. It’s been a while since I last posted here. The last few months have been swamped with the day job and cramming in editing of the latest novel in preparation for submission to agents. Hence the blogging had to give.

I can report though, that I hit send on the latest novel recently. What does this mean? Well I am loving being able to switch gears and get back into writing some short fiction. I almost immediately stepped back into a short story. I have two characters, thrown together and currently no real idea of where they are about to take me. Getting back into the short form has me re-energised after the long-term project of the novel. The benefit of writing both is that switch of tempos, of gears; the swapping from one to the other helps keep things fresh for me. That said, two more novel ideas are currently wrestling for top spot in my recently emptied noggin. A literary thriller and literary horror story. Can’t quite decide which to run with yet but I am sure one will come out on top soon.

In the meantime, I hope to be a bit more present on this blog, if only to hit you up with the odd bit of news now and again. Fingers crossed I can come back with some positive news concerning the novel hooking an agent. Failing that, I have a bit of short story news to share, something I have been wanting to have the time to post about for a while. More on that shortly.

Hope the weeks have months have been kind to you and that you have a very special 2017. Speak soon. Until then…

This last twelve months I have been mostly reading: