Having just battled through the final edits of my MA portfolio novel (more on that in a future post), last June and the brilliant London Short Story Festival feels like a very long time ago indeed. For weeks now, I have been meaning to share the following links about The Weird and Wonderful Short Stories panel I was part of, but the aforesaid novel edits and a host of other responsibilities have kept me from most of my well intentioned blogging. Now, with my MA portfolio now in the hands of the printer, I can finally take a breath and point you in the direction of some great LSSF related internet goodness.

First up are videos of my reading and an interview about my favourite short story that were recorded on the day. Unfortunately I can’t embed them here due to WordPress’ curmudgeonly attitude toward iframe codes (whatever they actually are), so here’s the link.

LSSF 2014 reading

Also, Synaesthesia have a terrific review of the event in their latest issue. You can read the whole thing here, but I particularly liked this paragraph:

Weird review quote

Massive thanks to Rachael Spellman for those very kind words.

Be sure to check out Robert Shearman’s and Adam Marek’s readings from the panel via the links on LSSF’s Weird and Wonderful Writers page.

In related news, I saw on Facebook that Kevin Barry will be appearing at the 2015 London Short Story Festival. I can’t wait to hear who else will be there.