The results are in. This year’s winner of The Willesden Herald Short Story Prize is Ward by Nick Holdstock with Postman’s Knock by Angela Sherlock and Such Is Her Power by Joan Brennon taking the joint second place prizes. Congratulations to all.

WHSSP Results Sarah Feathers reads Ward

Sarah Feathers reads the winning story, Ward by Nick Holdstock.

The results evening at the Brent Artists Resource was a wonderful experience. Meeting the other shortlisted writers, organiser Steve Moran and this year’s judge Charles Lambert was a real pleasure. The Liars’ League read out excerpts from six of the shortlisted stories and the actors did a fantastic job with each one.

WHSSP Silas Hawkins reads Rip Rap

Silas Hawkins reads from my story Rip Rap.

I was lucky enough to have part of my story Rip Rap brought to life by Silas Hawkins. Hearing my it come to life in such a dramatic fashion was a real honour. As I listened to all the excerpts it was clear that the New Short Stories 8 anthology is an absolute corker and I can’t wait to dive into my copy.

WHSSP Judge Charles Lambert closing speech

Charles Lambert, this year’s judge, gives his closing thoughts on the shortlist.

The wine and chat flowed freely and my wife found it very amusing that while everyone seemed to know me, at the same time they were surprised at how tall I am (I’m just over six foot three in case you don’t know). I must look shorter in my social media profile photos.

I am thrilled to have Rip Rap appear in New Short Stories 8 along with all the other shortlisted stories. The Willesden Herald Prize collections are always great reading and being part of what will sadly be the last volume of the series (Steve Moran announced his retirement from the short story prize organising on Facebook yesterday) feels rather special.

Read about the shortlisted authors here.

Copies of New Short Stories 8 are available from: