The penultimate stop on the blog tour went live yesterday on Sara Crowley’s excellent blog. It’s the first of a series of interviews she’ll be running under the Smash Lits banner. Here’s what that means exactly:

(from Sara Crowley’s blog)

‘I enjoy reading writer blogs and interviews, and I like to review and interview other writers here. There are, however, a LOT of blog tours and review sites. The challenge is to keep things fresh. I was wondering how I could mix things up a bit and remembered that my very favourite interviews were always the Smash Hits biscuit tin ones. It was fun, it told the reader something daft and unexpected, it didn’t take itself seriously. So, I am introducing Smash Lits – my own version with an occasional literary twist.’

I answered these questions while travelling on a train and thoroughly enjoyed myself, so much so I almost missed my station stop. If you want to know which is my favourite type of biscuit, whether I believe in ghosts, and who wins out of bacon and tofu, check out the interview here.

Tomorrow I’ll be launching the collection at The Bookstop Cafe in Lincoln from 2pm. Please do stop by if you’re in the area. Check out the details here.

And you can check out the links below for the rest of the Looking Out of Broken Windows blog tour: