The first review of Looking Out of Broken Windows appeared online yesterday. It’s on Bookcunt’s brilliant blog, which, if you haven’t yet had the pleasure, is a mix of book reviews and book related memoir posts. Her debut memoir, A Fucked Up Life In Books, is an absolute diamond of a book. If you love books you need to get a copy. Here’s why.

The whole review is fantastic, but here’s my favourite bit:

What Dan Powell’s done here is he’s written a few stories and popped them together cos he fucking can and it fucking works and because he’s an actual fucking storyteller. You’re not left wanting. They are perfectly structured and beautifully told and it’s really fucking satisfying, cos they’re really bloody good.

As you can see, the prose is a bit sweary, but we’re all grown ups here. I can’t tell you how good it feels to get such a positive response to the collection, particularly from a reader who doesn’t much care for the short story form as a rule.

You can read the whole review of Looking Out of Broken Windows here.