‘I fucking hate book snobs. I fucking hate people who think that one genre is for stupid people, or not worthy of their attention. I couldn’t believe it. I’d shagged a book snob.’

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Bookcunt is, by her own admission, a cunt who loves all kinds of books. Her blog is full of reviews of the many books she has read, along with posts detailing the many and varied ways her life has been fucked up, both by those around her and, indeed, sometimes by her own actions.

You can probably tell from her chosen internety pseudonym and the title of her book that she swears a lot. In fact both her blog and this collection of short memoirs taken from it, are liberally sprinkled with pretty much every curse word you can think of. So probably not your thing if rude words make you embarrassed or outraged.

For the rest of us, reading this book is like suddenly becoming best mates with the funniest, bluntest, over-sharingest book-geek. Each chapter bears the title of the book she was reading at the time events being recounted took place, and she is as gloriously honest about the books, why she was reading them and what she thought of them, as she is about the events she retells.

Bookcunt comes across as a warm, passionate, and romantic individual, as likely to fall for a beautiful book as she is for a beautiful man. A warm, passionate individual who says fuck a lot. You feel her anger when faced with the shit other people chuck her way. You feel her love and loyalty when she writes about those she loves. She fucks up from time to time, but that’s all part her charm.

Moving across the various stages of her life, we glimpse her dreams, her meltdowns, her relationships, all through the evolving prism of her book shelf, and we watch as she begins to accept who she is and who she has become. It’s a book with heart. Fucking loads of heart.

Recommended if you’re in to books and what it means to really love them, and people and what it means to really love them. And/or…..if you want to read a scene where the author shags a book snob, then tells him just how small his penis is.