2008 was the year I finally decided, after years of not writing and half-writing, to get my act together and really do the thing I have most wanted to do since I was a teenager – write. To that end I signed up for an OU course starting in May of that year. The idea was simple. Sign up on the course and use it to get some feedback on my work. See if pursuing this writing lark was really worth my time. If I did well on the course then chances are I had something worth nurturing. I did well enough on the first course to sign up for more over the next two years. The feedback from my tutors gave me the confidence to start subbing my work. Fast forward to now and I am knee deep in an MA, up to my neck in a novel-in-progress, and have a whole load of published short stories.

And this week, about five years to the day since I started that original OU course, I heard that Salt Publishing will publish my Scott Prize short-listed collection, Looking Out of Broken Windows, in 2014. Longtime readers will know what a fan I am of Salt’s short fiction list. Having my debut collection published by Salt has been a goal of mine since discovering their books back in the early days of this blog. Next year can’t arrive fast enough.

For anyone interested to hear more, you can read all about the writing of my collection in my Scott Prize shortlist post over on the Salt blog.