So, as you can see from the Vine below, the latest edition of Carve is out and I am a bit pleased about it.


Carve Spring Edition 2013 includes my short story Storm in a Teacup alongside the other two Esoteric Award winning stories as well as interviews with all the authors. My interview with Kristin S. Vannamen (Managing Editor of Carve) was a thoroughly enjoyable experience. I was particularly taken by Kristin’s enthusiasm with not just my story but also the short form in general. She even invited my wife to give her perspective on living with a writer, the results of which make up the tail end of the interview. While the Esoteric Award winning stories are available to read on the Carve website, the interviews and other articles are only available in the printed edition.

As a regular subscriber to Carve the arrival of a new issue is always a pretty groovy event for me. The fact that my Esoteric Award winning story is published in the Carve Spring Edition 2013 takes that feeling and turns it up to eleven. Even more exciting is the fact that as a subscriber and a contributor I received an extra copy of the print edition in the post this morning.

Rather than keep the extra copy, I thought it would be sweet to give it away so here’s the deal. My story aside for a moment, I think Carve publishes exciting, challenging and downright special short stories, so to get your name in the proverbial hat, I’d like you to post a comment below telling me what you think makes the short story special as a form. I’ll do the draw a week on Friday so plenty of time to dig deep and really express what it is that makes the short story so sexy.

Once you’ve done that you can always head over to the Carve website and avail yourself of the free to read archive that dates back to 2007. Should be plenty there to keep you busy until I stuff the names in a beanie and get one of the kids to draw the winner. You could even subscribe while you’re there.

So what you waiting for? Tell me what you think makes the short story form so special.