2013 glasses

As both you and I will likely be busy later, I thought I’d take a moment now to wish you a happy and prosperous New Year.

It’s been a busy twelve months and 2013 looks to be kicking off in the same way what with my having a week or so to hand in my next MA assignment. I hope to post in a bit more detail about 2012 just as soon as I get my essay submitted but for today I wanted to share a few stats and such about the blog.

Apparently danpowellfiction.com received about 11,000 views in 2012, which is nearly twice what it got in 2011. I’d like to thank everyone who visited and/or commented on the blog this year, your interest and support has been a genuine pleasure. I would also like to make mention of my 5 most active commenters, whose interaction with the blog this year has gone above and beyond the call of duty.

Looks like Nuala would have taken the top spot had she not logged in on separate accounts:

Also, the appearance of two posts from 2011 in my top five most viewed posts of 2012 would suggest that folks out there on the interweb still can’t get enough of writers’ beards:

1 Best British Short Stories 2012 – Review 4 COMMENTS May 2012
2 Why Don’t You Dance? vs Everything Must Go 0 COMMENTS March 2012
3 Best writers’ beards – readers’ suggestions. 6 COMMENTS January 2011
4 The best writers’ beards. 12 COMMENTS January 2011
5 Best British Short Stories/Short Story Day Giveaway 15 COMMENTS June 2012

Anyone with the urge to read the rest of the report can do so here. But it is New Year’s Eve so I won’t blame you for having better things to be doing.

Hope your Christmas was restful and fun and brought you good cheer. And like I said at the top, have a happy and prosperous 2013.