Found out yesterday that my story The Man Who Lived Like A Tree has been nominated by the good folks over at Referential for this year’s Best Of The Net Awards.

This is, of course, very pleasing news. Referential is a unique literary magazine in that each and every piece of writing and art on the site refers to one previously published, creating a kind of literary social network of writing and authors. The Man Who Lived Like A Tree is a story I am very fond of. Looking back at my draft files, I can tell you that the story went through 12 drafts between May 2010 and November 2011, with the first draft weighing in at 967 words and the final draft at 724. So as you can see, it took a long time and many goes at the story to get the right amount of words in the right order before it was accepted and finally published by Referential back in February. It’s a story that I lived with on and off for well over a year and it is great to see it resonate both with readers and the Referential editors who selected the story for inclusion in the site’s Best of the Net nominations.

You can see the full list of nominees over on Referential’s blog, where you will find links to all the selected fiction, poetry and non-fiction. There’s some great writing on the list so I am very please to see my story in amongst them. As I have said before, Referential is a great site to spend time following the links between the varied and engaging writing on offer. This list is a great place to start.