In between working, taking care of poorly children and (trying to find time for) writing, I’ve somehow managed to buy two typewriters. Since buying them I’ve been tinkering and having a crack at drafting with both. I’ve also been dipping into some of the great typewriter blogs out there (more on those in a future post).

Along the way I stumbled across the typecasting flavour of blogging and decided to give it a go myself. My apologies for the typos, still finding my feet fingers again after too many years without a typewriter.The following was typed on this little beauty, a Bluebird from the 1950s:

Since typing that this afternoon, my eldest has indeed taken possession of the Underwood 18. I’m looking forward to seeing what he writes on it. He’s already typed a joke out on it which was actually pretty funny.

Suffice to say, they’ll be more typecasts from me, and I’ll let you know how the first draft of my latest short short goes once I make a start next week. Can’t begin before then as I’d forgotten how loud a typewriter can be, need to wait until everyone’s out the house and I have a writing morning to myself.

Until then, here’s a typewriter related video that made me smile: