The week I was hoping would be a writing bonanza has already taken a turn for the worse with a nasty bug working its voodoo on my two youngest kids and turning them into little vomit machines. Looks like it will be Thursday before I get any real writing time. As a picture is worth a thousand words I thought I would post a few that caught my eye on the interwebz over the last week or so.

Jodi Cleghorn's photo of the annotation of my short story 'Driver and the Beautiful Highway.' A prelude to a possible short film. Maybe.


Lit map of the UK, via The Literary Man. Click the image to link to the original post.


Periodic Table of Storytelling by CompterSherpa. Clever stuff. Click to see the larger image over on ComputerSherpa's deviantART.

By my reckoning that’s 3,000 words right there. Makes me feel a little better about my lack of writing time. Roll on Thursday.