My story, The Man Who Lived Like A Tree, is the first fiction publication of 2012 over at Referential.

I like Referential because they do things a little differently over there:

Main Entry: ref·er·en·tial

Pronunciation: \ˌre-fə-ˈren(t)-shəl\

: of, containing, or constituting a reference; especially : pointing to or involving a referent <referential language> <referential meaning>

At Referential Magazine we will be nesting a site that builds from one piece of writing (be it prose or poetry). From that piece we want other artists to submit referential material. This material could be visual, auditory, written etc. We expect this project to evolve the longer it exists. We look forward to hearing from you.

So everything on the site references another work, be it a poem, a piece of art or a piece of fiction. In my story I refer to Madeline Mora-Summonte’s excellent Rooted in the Past.

If you are anything like me and you click through to my story, you won’t be able to stop yourself checking out Madeline’s. From there you are just a click away from the story from which hers is referred. The first time I visited the site I spent ages going from story to poem to artwork. There really is some great stuff over there and the fact that all the pieces there form this referential network is indeed very cool. Hope you enjoy my story and the other work presented there.