I’ve been a fan of Rol Hirst’s comics since way back in the misty past of the early nineties when he was busy writing loads of issues of small press smash The Jock. He’s recently released a new small press comic Too Much Sex and Violence, which features artwork from a whole host of artists, many of whom worked with Rol on the Jock way back then. The first issue has already received a load of positive reviews on various blogs, but I thought I’d add to the praise with my own.

TMS&V is set in the fictional coastal town they forgot to close down, Fathomsby and is populated by a whole host of freaky individuals, ‘retired super-heroes, monster DJs, mutant prostitutes, pier-owning gangsters, disgruntled policemen and a woman who knows exactly what you’re thinking.’ Rol describes the series influences as North Yorkshire’s Robin Hood’s Bay meets Psychoville meets the Carter USM song “A Sheltered Life”’ and the end result certainly reflects that list.

While some might find the mix of artists jarring, I thought they neatly reflected the different character strands of the ensemble cast and Rol has clearly given a lot of thought to which character arc he handed to which artist. In the Jock Rol proved he was able to handle a large cast with finesse so I have every confidence in his ability to develop the varied characters he unveils in the first issue.

As with most first issues there is a great deal of set-up here but I already have a hankering to sink my teeth into issue two. I guarantee, read the superbly paced  and dramatically rendered introduction of Harry Hall in the issue’s opening and you’ll be wanting to extend your stay in the dark, enticing world of Fathomsby indefinitely. Some say you can never have to much of a good thing, and Too Much Sex & Violence is a very good thing.

The first issue is written by Rol Hirst, with art by Andrew ChevertonPaul RaineyKelvin Green,Nige Lowrey, Mark Renhard, Martin EdenAdrian Bamforth and Rob Wells… and everything else by Davey Metcalfe-Carr and can be bought here in either print form or PDF.