Had a pretty shit day today. Won’t bore you with the details, just thinking about them has me bordering on shuddering into a coma with sheer frustration. Suffice to say my writing time got hijacked by nitwits and nincompoops. On the plus side though, the new Wilco album has managed to lift my spirits. Jeff Tweedy and co do it again, another fantastic album that moves between playful and mournful and all the spaces in between. This track has been particularly helpful in cheering my scuffed self today:

Oh and the other plus, managed to fix a major problem with my latest short story. One more draft and this sucker, which has been kicking my arse for the last few weeks should be done. Looking forward to getting this one out the door, starting to feel a bit proud of it. Here’s hoping the editor whose desk it lands on likes it too.

Meanwhile……I’m off to relax with some of Nuala Ní Chonchúir’s short stories.

Oh and remember:

sonic soul with a cold clean tote is a mother!