The Tiny Wife is itself a tiny book that somehow, in inverse correlation to its page count, has a big and bountiful heart. Indeed, the pages are crammed with enough wonderful characters and ideas to fill a career’s worth of novels. Not one is wasted though. The premise brims with I-wish-I’d-thought-of-that-ness:

A robber charges into a bank with a loaded gun, but instead of taking any money he steals an item of sentimental value from each person. Once he has made his escape, strange things start to happen to the victims.

The stories of a tattoo come to life, a woman who turns into candy, and a baby that shits money are heart-breaking/heart-warming (delete as applicable), and, along with the wonderful illustrations by Tony Percival , they frame the central story of the Tiny Wife as she begins to disappear. There isn’t another book out there like this. If that doesn’t convince then check out the book trailer: