A Visit From the Goon Squad is another novel I am reading as part of my MA. That said, it was on my ‘to read’ list anyway so having it on the University reading list just moved it too the top. I’m glad it did and here’s why. (And yes, the review is more like 120 words, but the book is so good I hope you’ll forgive the breaking of the rules).

100-ish Word Review:

Egan’s novel/short fiction collection (delete as applicable) is that rarest of beasts the accessible prize winning novel. Much has been made of the innovative structuring of the novel to reflect the key theme, time’s passing and its effects, the use of a different narrative style for each chapter, perspective shifting focus across the ensemble cast as the reader moves through the book and the chapter in powerpoint elsewhere. All I wish to add is this:

A Visit From The Goon Squad is the best book I have read this year thus far, engaging, powerful and thought-provoking at every turn. So good, in fact, it’s gone straight back on my ‘to read’ pile for re-reading soon.

Meanwhile, here’s the chapter in powerpoint:

There’s also a brilliant comic book style review of the novel over on the excellent Horn!

Also, the iTunes app has the full novel and audiobook included for £2.99 – bargain.