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Awesome People Reading

APR is a new blog that does exactly what it says: posts photos of awesome people reading. So far we’ve seen the likes of Audrey Hepburn, Bruce Lee, Harry Houdini, John Ford and Lauren Bacall. Looking forward to seeing more great photos of great folks engaged in that most honourable of pursuits.


A wonderful collection of exciting and esoteric bookshelf designs. For the book nerd the perfect shelving system is something unattainable but this blog is crammed full of innovative storage solutions for your ink and paper books. Have a look through this lot and you’ll never be tempted by a Billy again.

Bookshelf Porn

In the words of the site itself: ‘Porn for book lovers. A photo blog collection of all the best bookshelf photos from around the world for people who *heart* bookshelves.’ This site prides itself on presenting beautiful pictures of books and bookshelves. There are some stunners on there, like the one above, this, this, and indeed this.

Check out the archive for the full range of gorgeous bookshelf photos.

Corpus Libris

Corpus Libris (Body Book) is a great fun little project where folks create intriguing photos in bookstores, using covers with body parts on them. The result is brilliant pctures like this:

and this:

I love the quirky nature of the Corpus Libris pictures. And best of all anyone can take part.

From the blogs ‘About”:

Corpus Libris was created by Emily Pullen. It began as a fun little photo essay on a Thursday night while working at Skylight Books in Los Angeles. As we kept going and going, I realized that many, many more people could enjoy and create similar photographs. The possibilities are practically endless! So, send me your Corpus Libris (body/book) photos, and perhaps I’ll post them here.

Forgotten Bookmarks

Forgotten Bookmarks is run by a bookseller who posts photos of bookmarks left inside copies of old books. This collection of old photos, letters, recipes and other scraps keeping a forgotten place in a forgotten book makes for interesting reading. Some lovely surprises to be found here.

And those are my favourite book related photoblogs. What are yours?