The second issue of the excellent Dirty Bristow is available to pre-order ready for the official launch on July 23rd and it looks like this:

From the official Dirty Bristow website:

Dirty Bristow Issue Two.

80 pages packed with essays, stories, opinion pieces and artwork on the theme of ‘Beast’.

There’s no such cliche here as a ‘difficult second issue’, everything about pulling this together was a complete joy—otherwise we just wouldn’t do it. From being astounded that we managed to flog enough of issue one to make issue two a viable thing, to almost weeping at the unexpected artistic delights that the contributors leaked, it was one tiny gorgeous death after another. Weeping from the eyes. The eyes.

Attached to the front of a limited number of the copies is the finest half inch of plastic and magnetic tape seen since Kylie’s Got to be Certain cassingle. Featuring four new and exclusive cover versions from our favourite acts and something a bit special — Dirty Bristow the Game, for the 48K ZX Spectrum. As we hope will continue to be a possibility we’ve gone off at some tangential tangents with extra-curricular activity; if you’ve not got a cassette attached to the front cover don’t fret, the contents are all online if you should but hunt.

By hunt they mean check out the links here.

The second ‘Beast’ themed issue features my short story ‘The John School’ amongst other literary goodness. Check out all the contributors to issue 2 on the handy-dandy contributor bios page. You can pre-order the ‘Beast ‘ issue here and if you’re in the Birmingham area on July 23rd and fancy attending the launch party, head over to the Bristow website to secure tickets.