Tomorrow I’ll be posting the first in what I hope will become a long running series of interviews with short fiction authors about the stories that are most important to them. The interviews will all fall under the heading of ‘My Life In Short Fiction.’ Many of you may have seen the recent BBC TV show with a similar-ish name that featured celebrities talking about their favourite books. While the show was enjoyable enough, at times I did feel a little disheartened that so few guests mentioned short fiction collections. The idea of using a similar format, albeit text rather than telly, to explore short fiction struck me as an interesting thing to do.

Hopefully the process will be enjoyable and insightful for both the writers questioned and those reading their answers. My first victim guest is a writer whose work I really admire and I am looking forward to sharing the interview with you. If you are a reader of  quality short fiction, you’ll want to check back here tomorrow for the first ‘My Life in Short Fiction.’ If you are an author of short fiction, don’t be surprised if you get a facebook message or email from me asking if you wouldn’t mind sharing the contents of your personal short fiction canon and how those stories helped you decide to write in the most precise of prose forms.