Just watched this excellent Fight Club homage/spoof by The Girls On Film:

From The Girls On Film Youtube bio:

The Girls on Film is the earth-shattering, mind-blowing trio of professional actors Ashleigh Harrington, Cat McCormick and Jeff Hammond.

We’re recreating awesome movie scenes between men, with women playing their parts. Its our innovative way of sharing our passion for storytelling and injecting our own personal cocktail of fun and friskiness throughout the galaxy.

We are in the process of remaking all of our favourite guy-on-guy movie scenes for your viewing pleasure. Please share with us your favourite male scenes so our fabulous team can make them too.

For more information, join us at our blog: http://www.thegirlsonfilm.com

They do make a great point about the lack of killer scenes like these being written for women. Over on their website you can also access their interpretations of key scenes from No Country For Old Men, Star Trek and The Town. All great fun.

Found via a post over on Chuck Palahniuk’s website.