Today’s offering from the excellent Metazen is my trio of pregnancy inspired flash fictions, Ultrasounds.

One of the cool things about getting published over on Metazen is seeing the artwork they produce for your story. The picture they have used for Ultrasounds is typical Metazen; quirky, thought-provoking and quite, quite brilliant.

As I have mentioned elsewhere, these stories bubbled up in my brain earlier this year, while my beautiful wife was pregnant with our beautiful baby daughter. Cyril Connelly famously described the ‘pram in the hall’ as one of the ‘enemies of promise’ that stifle creativity. What rubbish. I’m with J.G. Ballard on this issue, who wrote repeatedly of how his three children were the source of his best ideas and his greatest joys. I’m very proud of these stories, which would never have been written if I wasn’t the father of young children.

You can read all three over on Metazen. Hope you like them.

Please pop back here to post any thoughts, positive or critical, you might want to share after reading.

*Photo from Metazen