Earlier this year, while my wife was pregnant with our third child, a trio of ideas for stories about expectant mothers and their ultrasound scans came to me, mostly during our own scans when I should have been paying full attention to the images on the screen. I at least waited until we left the appointments to jot my ideas in my notebook.

Once I wrote up these ideas I realised, though each one features a new set of characters in a clearly different situation, they hung together in a loose thematic trilogy. I submitted them as just such a trilogy, titled Ultrasound I, II & III, to be published under the collective title Ultrasounds.

I received news today that Ultrasounds will be the feature story on Metazen on the 11th November. I am chuffed about this as I can’t think of a more fitting publication space for these stories than the hive of originality and surprise that is Metazen. They are stories I feel very close to, born as they were out of the amazing arrival of my new baby daughter and I look forward to your being able to read them in a few short weeks.