As you will know from my previous post, The Chinese Whisperings Yin and Yang eBooks were published on Sunday.You can buy the separate Yin and Yang volumes, or the the combined special edition, here.

If you are in the dark about the Chinese Whisperings imprint, you can shed some light on the collections here.

Finally, click on the titles below to read the opening from each story on the Chinese Whisperings website:

The Yin Book
Prologue, by Jodi Cleghorn (Ed)
The Guilty One, by Emma Newman
Excess Baggage, by Carrie Clevenger
Where the Heart Is, by Tina Hunter
The Other Side of Limbo, by Claudia Osmond
Freedom, by Laura Eno
Cobalt Blue, by Jasmine Gallant
The Strangest Comfort, by Icy Sedgwick
Lost and Found, by Jen Brubacher
Kanyasulkam, by Annie Evett
Double Talk, by Lily Mulholland
Epilogue, by Paul Anderson (Ed) — Sorry, don’t want to give away any spoilers.

The Yang Book: Annotated Table of Contents
Prologue by Jodi Cleghorn (Ed)
Three Monkeys, by Paul Servini
Three Rings, by Chris Chartrand
Dogs of War, by Tony Noland
This Be The Verse, by Dan Powell
Providence, by Dale Challener Roe
No Passengers Allowed, by J.M. Strother
Thirteen Feathers, by Rob Diaz II
One Behind the Eye, by Richard Jay Parker
Chase the Day, by Jason Coggins
Somewhere to Pray (Kurush), by Benjamin Solah
Epilogue Paul Anderson (Ed)