Item 1: My mate and tip-top comics artist Chris Askham has posted the following teaser for a new project he is working on.


He has yet to reveal any details about this project, but I can tell you that I am the writer working with Chris on this. Looking forward to sharing more with you in due time.

Item 2: I’ve audioboo’d a reading of my latest published flashfiction, ‘What Precise Moment.’ Click here to hear it.

Item 3: Short Story Challenge Day 204-217

Between September 7th – 20th  I read stories from the Guardian Summer Fiction Special along with a couple of other stories on the website. Lots to enjoy in there from established authors as well as the commended stories from this year’s Guardian short fiction competition. I wasn’t totally taken with any of the competition stories, though I enjoyed both Burying Your Life by Harkiran Dhindsa and the winning story, Jellyfish by Anna Towers. Of the other stories, David Mitchell’s Muggins Here had me rooting for his endearing main character right up to its beautiful ending.

From the Guardian website I also read The Wave by Juliet Myerson, a truly beautiful and terrifying examintion of grief and love, and Dave Eggars’ A Fork Brought Along had me laughing out loud with a superbly timed ending.

Item 4: I am starting to think that Lost In The Trees are a bit brilliant.

AOB: What’s new with you?