#fridayflash, the twitter hashtag started by Jon Strother, is one year old. Over the last twelve months 246 individual writers have posted flash fiction on their blogs on a friday and tweeted a link to their work. Starting with a modest ten or so authors back in May of last year, these days an average #fridayflash roundup features sixty or seventy flash fictions.

What began as a simple idea has grown organically into a broad and welcoming community of authors sharing work in various stages of development with a growing community of readers. It’s been a great twelve months and I am proud to have been there back in May and June of last year when things kicked off. In way of a celebration of a great year’s work, a forthcoming ebook collection, Best of #fridayflash, should be available soon.

In the meantime, Jon Strother, ever the #fridayflash mastermind, has posted a report listing all 246 writers’ debut stories. You can read my #fridayflash debut – Reverse here.

Happy Birthday #fridayflash.