Not the best time to get poorly, but I seem to have picked up a chest infection. Despite this I have managed to stay on target having produced just shy of 5,000 words in 3 days. The plan is to pick up the pace once this week is over as I have an assignment due on Friday as part of my Advanced Creative Writing course with the OU. Currently feel like I am juggling far too many balls; my arms struggling to make meaningful movements being directed, as they are, by a brain made of cotton wool.

I am pleased that Adam, my twelve year old main character seems to be as likeable as I hoped he would be. Spending the next 27 days in his company is actually something I am looking forward to enjoying. Thomas, his Grandfather is someone else I want to see more of too, so plans are afoot to bring him to the fore of the plot. Very glad I chose Young adult as my genre. Best thing about this novel will be that, once I have whipped it into shape some, it will be a story I can share with my two young boys as they get older. I hope they like Adam as much as I do right now.

I might well be brave enough to post an extract or two soon. Right now though, I am off to put the finishing touches to my Fourth Fiction guest participant novella. Did I say I was feeling the strain of over-commitment to projects? Oh well……whatever doesn’t kill us makes us better writers.

Hope your NaNoWriMo is feeling better than I am right now.