Another mammoth response to #fridayflash this week with 49 contributor’s listed here. As always, use the links below to check out the free flash fiction on offer. If you like what you read leave a comment telling the author and use the twitter links below to follow anyone you wish to read more from.

A real joker, by John Wiswell @Wiswell
A Very Fine Year, by Ryan Harron @rharron
Bad Maintenance, by Laura Eno @lauraeno
Breaks, by Marisa Birns @marisabirns
Brothers, by Leigh Barlow @LeighBarlow
Catholic Guilt and Lima Beans, by Kylie Szymesko @lautir
Chances, by Anthony Deaver @AnthonyDeaver
Darkening, by Alan Baxter @AlanBaxter
Don’t Touch, by Anton Gully @antongully
Dragonwalk, by Sayer @Sayer
Dutch Elm Disease, by J. M. Strother @jmstro
Finding a Nice Girl, by Tomara Armstrong @2maraA
Flight From the Battlefield, by shannon esposito @soesposito
Folsom Prison Blues, by Say Hello, Beanty @SayHelloBeanty
Garden of Eden, by Lauren Cude, via Facebook.
Hall of Messages, by PJ Kaiser @Doublelattemama
Heading Toward the Border, by Christina Vincent @stina8753
Hedge Fund, by Jennifer Jones @jentropy
Knocked Out, by Michael Solender@mjsolender
Last Conversation, by Kevin J. Mackey @kevinjmackey
Letter to the Editor, by CJ @h0jp0j
Look Here, by Laurita Miller via Facebook
Now and Then, by Trevor Mcpherson @3S_stories
One More Night, by Xan Marcelles @crookedfang
Ouroboros, by kaolin fire @kaolinfire
Rain, by Carrie Cleaver @shadowsinstone
Rescue Dog, by randilin @randilin
Rope Me Up, by Jim Wisneski @Wisneski
Shot Of The Good Stuff, by Chris Chartrand @ChrisChartrand
Tea Time Takes Me Away, by ganymeder@ganymeder
The Boy Who Cried Sue, by E. D. Johnson @geektreasure
The Bust, by Dana @ywgdana
The Greatest Question of Our Time, by KayAnna Kirby @kayannak
The Only Thing Left, by Stephen Book @StephenBook
The Perfect Gift, by Deirdre Murphy @Wyld_Dandelyon
The Phone, by Karen Schindler via email
The Real Thing, by Mark Kerstetter @markerstetter
The Second First Date, by anniegirl1138 @anniegirl1138
The Sneeze, by Susan Cross @SusanJCross
The Third Attempt to Take the Teddy, by Nick Name @namenick
The Waiting Game, by Lily Mulholland @CascadeLily
The Witchery of Flutes, by Jeff Posey @AnasaziStories
Third Shift at McSweeny’s, by Tony Noland @TonyNoland
Tomorrow, by Benjamin Solah @benjaminsolah
Uncle Ron, by Eric Krause @ericjkrause
untitled, by T.J. McIntyre @southernweirdo It’s in a tweet.
Virus Scans & Empty Promises, by Dan Powell @danpowfiction
Wickedly Smooth, by netta50 @netta50
Wolf and Twilight, by Clifford Fryman @Selorian

Thanks to J.M.Strother over at MadUtopia for organising #fridayflash and compiling this list.