While I was busy marshalling the Family Powell up the Brocken in the Harz mountains a few weeks ago, Wildernesschic, from over at Life, The Universe And All That’s In It, was kind enough to bestow the Honest Scrap Award on my blog. I only found out about receiving the award earlier this week when I installed twitterfox and checked the mentions tab.

This award is meant to be passed on to bloggers who post from the heart. The rules for receiving this award are simple, pass the award on to seven worthy blogs and list ten honest things about yourself. It’s all about driving traffic to your favourite sites so here goes.

Seven ‘Honest’ bloggers and their blogs:

J.M. Strother’s Mad Utopia – for providing honest characters in his flash fiction and coming up with the honest to goodness good idea that is #fridayflash.

Jeff Posey’s Anasazi Stories – for creating an honestly awesome fictional insight into the lives of the Anasazi

Jentropy – for writing some honestly challenging flash fiction that delights and intrigues in equal measure

Jodi Cleghorn’s Writing In Black And White – for her honesty in all things writing

Paige Bruce – for daring to be honest about the subjects that matter to her and happy to reveal her inner geek

Laura Eno’s A Shift In Dimensions – for crafting some honestly clever flash fiction

Pippa Hennesy’s The Old Bat – for being honest enough about her writing on her blog to try new things in public.

As for the Ten ‘Honest’ things about myself:

1. I suffer from ‘writer’s grump.’

2. Spend far too much money on music. My Amazon order history is like HMV’s stock list.

3. Have a severe and long standing addiction to cake.

4. All too often blame my wife for moving my stuff around the house when, in reality, I have moved it and simply forgotten where I put it.

5. Am bored by pretty much all sport.

6. Though I do like watching rally driving, yet have never tried it.

7. I can be obsessive compulsive about things like locking the house or car. It is worse the more rushed I feel.

8. I sometimes use nipping to the shops as a way to get a breather from the kids. If my wife reads this she will realise why I am so happy to nip out for the couple of things we need for dinner.

9. I have been know to talk too passionately about the books, films, TV, videogames and music I like, boring pretty much everyone within a twenty foot radius of my ‘conversation.’

10. I always feel I haven’t spent enough time writing, even on those days when it is all I do.

Thanks to Wildernesschic for thinking of my blog for this and to my seven awardees, keep doing what you are doing.