If you would just shut up and listen, I’ll tell you. I’m not shouting. Don’t pull that face, just listen. It wasn’t my fault. I didn’t do anything. What? How can you say that? We’ve been together how many years, and you say that to me. No, I didn’t know that. No, she didn’t tell me that. I keep trying to tell you, I didn’t know. Okay I lied about where I was but only because I knew you’d be like this about it. Oh, that’s rich. Right, so if I’d told you the truth you’d have been okay about it? I don’t think so. There you go again with the ‘trust issues’ bullshit. No, I’m not shifting the blame. I didn’t even mention your mother. What’s your mother got to do with anything? Oh great, the ‘she warned me about you’ speech. I’ll just go get myself a coffee while you finish with that one. No. I do value your feelings. Please, can you just stop talking for a minute and let me get a word in. We’ve tried that and it didn’t work last time , why would it work now? Yes, I do want to give us a chance. I can’t see how that will help. No, I’m not being short-sighted. Yes, I should have been honest but can’t you see I was trying to save us all this shit. Yes, I’ll stop swearing if you stop treating me like a schoolboy. Tell you what, I’m going to take a walk round the block to cool down, while I’m gone either poor me a glass of wine or pack me a bag. It’s up to you.