This weeks #fridayflash saw a great variety of contributions from micro-fiction to tales of cultures past via teasy suspense and beyond. I’ll be round later to comment on those I have left to read, promise. My apologies if I have missed anyone’s piece, put a link in the comments below and I’ll add you to this list.

The Dance by Chris Chartrand
His blog – The Dark Eagle
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Disappointment by Pippa Hennessy
Her blog – The Old Bat
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Earned Pleasure by jentropy
Her blog – jentropy
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Over by Judy B. Onze
Blog – Onze/11
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Payment Due by Kevin J. Mackey
Blog – KjM On the Web
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Forbidden Fruit by Tomara Armstrong
Blog – This, That… the Other Thing
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Swimming with Sal by J. M. Strother
Blog – Mad Utopia
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Coming Home by Dan Powell
Blog – dan powell – fiction
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Fifty Seven Pointed Teeth by Jeff Posey
Blog – Anasazi Stories
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Eubie Blake by anniegirl1138
Blog – anniegirl1138
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Fade To Black by Laura Eno
Blog – A Shift In Dimensions
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You can find new flash fiction every Friday by looking for the #fridayflash hashtag on Twitter or by joining the #fridayflash group on Facebook. Please leave the author a comment, and spread the word if you like the piece.

More #fridayflash next week.