This week I took part in #fridayflash, a cool idea from J.M.Strother:

If you are unfamiliar with #fridayflash let me explain. It is a Twitter hash tag I started using and encourage other writers to use. The idea is to write and polish a piece of flash fiction of 1000 words or less (please, only finished pieces – no rough drafts), post the fiction on your blog, and then tweet the URL on Twitter. The idea is to use the power of crowd-sourcing, or word-of-mouth marketing, to build a following of loyal readers.

If you are a writer use the #fridayflash hashtag to advertise your new fiction. If you are a reader, use it to find new flash fiction to read every week, retweet the ones you like, bookmark that author’s page and keep coming back for more.

Check out the following links to this week’s stories for some short burst fiction that is long on impact:

Laura Eno with They Feed
Frances Wookey with All That Glitters
Jen Tropy with Recycled
Kevin J. Mackey with Cold Day In Hell
Declan Stanley with New Man at the Lesbos Palace (Adult Content)
R. J. Keller with Utopia
J.M. Strother with All the Girls Are Sleeping
Jeff Posey with Unrequited Kopavi
E. D. Johnson with Terror Road
and my own short – Reverse

This is only the second week of the initiative and it seems to be generating interest. Here’s hoping we see even more writers and readers taking part next friday.