Marcus is irritated more than usual by his drive to work. Every few minutes someone reverses out from a driveway or side road and into his path, requiring him to slow-but-not-quite-stop his car to let them out. This happens a few times before he starts keeping count. He reaches the office with the number of cars backing into his path at double figures. Rounding the corner of the car park, he finds someone reversing from his reserved space, breaks hard and utters a string of expletives.

By the time the lift deposits Marcus on his floor he is late for the morning’s scheduled conference call. He hurries down the thin corridor flanked on the left by a row of office doors set in regular spaces along the hall. He nears the first as one of his colleagues backs out of the doorway and into his path, still talking to whoever is inside. Marcus tuts and slows and negotiates his way around her. Passing the second door in the row, another colleague steps out facing the wrong way, gesturing ‘call me’ back into the office and Marcus is again forced to reduce his speed and alter his course. It isn’t until he reaches the third door that he starts to scream and shout about it all.